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Class Piano

This product offering is for 45 minute class piano lessons at our studio in Kingwood. We offer three years of our own proprietary curriculum for all students. It is the building block for team piano classes such as PianoOrchestra.


This is a team performance class, where six players play six different parts of an orchestral arrangement in a recital at our nearest Lone Star College music hall. As with all our performance classes, our weekly class piano lesson is required also.


This performance class consists of six parts, each playing synthesizers instead of traditional instruments, as in Piano Orchestra. This class also requires our regular class piano weekly lessons.

Solo Recital

Solo recital spots are reserved for those who are called to something special--a chance to play live a recital part of their choosing, with the other parts being pre-recorded.

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Weekly Lessons

Class Piano
$ 178 Month
  • One 45 minute lesson per week
  • Class format--ages 6-17
  • Free curriculum
  • Free recitals (late 2018)
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